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Winter is over: light is warmer

Winter is over: light is warmer
And dance, from the ground to the clear firmament.
The saddest heart must give way
To the immense joy scattered in the air
Even this sullen and sick Paris
Seems to welcome the new suns
And, as if for a strong embrace,
Stretches the thousand arms of its gilded roofs.
I have, for a year, spring inside myself
And the green return of sweet flowers,
Like a flame surrounds a flame,
Put more ideals on my ideal.
The blue sky extends, exalts and crowns 
The unchanging azure where my love is laughing.
The season is beautiful and my piece is good
And all my hopes finally have their turn.
Let summer come ! Let them come again
Autumn and winter! And every season
Will be lovely, O You, when you decorate
This fantasy and this reason!

Photo © Mabelle Imago