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After passing by Troyes Tourist Office, you will be invited to take your hungry body for a gourmet walk through the city.

There is nothing better than the tempting smell of a bakery early in the morning to start a day without guilt nor calorie counting.

The famous Gerard’s bakery’s (1) colourful and generous store window, on Troyes main square, will seduce you. Do not hesitate to try one of their pastries, even if their cakes might as well catch your eyes.

The displays of this bakery are full of flavours and smells.

This morning snack will be your departure point before exploring the city. A few minutes walk away, you will reach the impressive Saint Urbain de Troyes basilica, named after the Pope Saint Urbain IV, who was from Troyes.

This majestic basilica will not leave you indifferent, with such a gothic architecture, history and stained glass windows.

Continue your walk up Clemenceau street until you find Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul Cathedral. On your way, do not hesitate to make a little detour to the Canal where you can enjoy a view on the Seine.

The Canal is also where you can discover the romantic heart of Troyes, and its now famous symbol: the Heart of Troyes, made by artists from the Aube department:    Michèle and Thierry Kayo-Houël.

Then, reach the Cathedral, and the two museums nearby. Saint Loup Museum and the Modern Arts Museum will delight art lovers. Then, take the time to sit down facing the Cathedral itself and admire its architecture enough so that you feel the place truly when comes the time for a not-to-be-missed visit.

On the Cathedral square, you will find Saint Pierre Cellar (2), which is the only place where the Troyes digestive drink, the « Sloe Gin of Troyes », is made, out of the stones of sloes.

Saint Pierre Cellar is also a store where other Aube’s specialties are waiting for you, such as the Rosée des Riceys, or the Côteau Champenois.

From there, take the alley on the left and go straight until you find the only barge of Troyes « The Barge » (3), which is the ideal place for a lunch break. In a bucolic setting right in the center of Troyes, you will enjoy home-made meals with even some Troyes specialties on the menu.

Indeed, while visiting Troyes, it is highly recommended to try at least one specialty of the Aube department.

This restaurant offers dishes with AAAAA Andouillette AAAAA and/or Chaource (PDO cheese) such as:

  • Andouillette salad with melted chaource toast
  • Troyes AAAAA Andouillette from Maury’s with chaourcefondue
  • Special burger with melted chaource, home-made fries and mixed greensalad.
  • Roasted crispy chaource with honey, mixed green saladand walnuts.

You can also choose between other delicious dishes without Troyes specialties, so everyone can be satisfied.

Once full and happy, you are now ready for an exploration afternoon. Pass by the prefecture basin and have a break at the underground car park, where you will see a good example of the Stained Glass City.

Then, walk up Emile Zola street, the largest typical street of Troyes where you can admire many half-timbered colourful houses. Stop at the Labour Exchange. 

Lose yourself in the little adjacent alleys. There are the Tools and Worker’s Thought Museum, the Vauluisant Museum, the Saint Pantaleon church… And you will probably need a little break that you can take at Boisseau square by Saint-Nicolas church.

Go down the « de la Monnaie » street, and enjoy its small independent shops before reaching the Champeaux street. This recently paved pedestrian street hides the no less famous « ruelle des Chats » (alley of the Cats).

Do not be afraid of making your way through this narrow alley with its houses kissing each other by their roofs.

Admire the peaceful Juvénal des Ursins garden before continuing on to the Sainte Madeleine cathedral, which hosts an exceptional and renowned stone rood screen.

Then, you can follow your way through Général de Gaulle street towards the Halls Market, the covered market of the city of Troyes. Stroll through the different stands where Troyes greatest traditions take some of the space, and stop at one of the Maison Pascal Caffet (4) shop, pastry and chocolate maker. There, you might buy some souvenirs that will delight your family and friends.

Halles de Troyes © Laurent Lempens

Then, go to the City Hall square. If the weather is great, consider stopping at the little café with a bohemian chic spirit « Chez Gus » (5). A swing in the cafe will most probably please the kids while you get some refreshment from the countless milk-shakes and smoothies (beyond others) of their menu.

By the end of the day, you will feel that your lunch is quite far away. Depending how hungry you are, you will find many restaurants and bars when walking once again in Champeaux street.

This is how your day full of Troyes flavours will end: with your stomach and your eyes delighted by all these tastings and visits. Of course, this tour does not exclude other gourmet places and other interesting tourist visits.

(1) La Boulangerie Gérard, 42 rue Emile Zola, 10000 Troyes (2) La Barge, Quai de la fontaine, 10000 Troyes (3) Cellier Saint Pierre, 1 place Saint Pierre, 10000 Troyes (4) Pascal Caffet, Marché des Halles, rue Claude Huez ou 2 rue de la Monnaie, 10000 Troyes (5) Chez Gus, 29 rue Molé, 10000 Troyes (6) Le Lapin Bleu, 6 ruelle des Chats, 10000 Troyes

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