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Escape! Less than 3 km away from the historical centre, you will find the greenway of the Haute Seine canal.

A secured path will lead you to this cycling route andits bucolic environment.

Not long after departing, you will pass through aresidential area where small working-class houses from the beginning of the20th century (Albert Coquet street) can be seen next to contemporaryarchitecture buildings.

Do not hesitate to add a few meters to get to Condorcet street and admire the out of the ordinary building of the Nàhn Vuong Buddhist Pagoda.

Continue on your way and access this greenway set up on old towpaths that runs along the Haute Seine canal.

These places are really adapted for relaxing and sport, in such a soothing and bucolic atmosphere.

From there, you can choose how far you want to go, and carry on for several more kilometers or linger on the local fauna and flora.

Head and featured photo ©anncapictures

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