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In your opinion… What is called like that in Troyes?

Well… Simply the lime carbonate!

Come on… More commonly, it is the chalk that constitutes the subsoil of our land of the Champagne region.

Moreover, this appellation started several centuries ago but it is in the 15th century that the white is at its best fame and, in Paris or everywhere in the Kingdom of France, « Chalk of Champagne! » can be heard.

This crushed chalk, once shaped into a ball, is transported all over the country. It is used to finish fabrics, to whiten doors and walls, and to degrease some sheets.

It is put on mouldings before gilding them, it is used as a component for certain papers, to clean windows or precious metals, for one of the delicate weaving operations of Lyon silk factories, and even, from the 18th century, to make some medical remedies!

Transported to Paris on a barge to be sold, it is kind of the miracle product!

Head and feature photo: Chalk © Stokpic

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