More than just a brand name, “TROYES LA CHAMPAGNE” is a “designation”, a designation that the local inhabitants and ambassadors are proud to appropriate and unanimously eager to protect!
Like a landscape jewel set with natural and architectural gems, the central city waves this banner with great enthusiasm. For it symbolises the end to the cultivated secrecy that surrounded this land’s appeal for so long.

The gems of history are emerging from the ore, revealing the multifaceted terroir and the host of personalities and populations who have shaped this land over hundreds of years.

Troyes, where the welcome is warm and authentic and the traditional blends with the contemporary, is a “city of a thousand colours”. It offers the mysterious charm of the Orient Forest and lakes, the legendary valleys of Pays d’Othe and the mythical hill of Montgueux, curled up like a snail in the middle of the vineyard. By geographical contrast, the great chalky champagne plains stretch to the horizon, recalling the strong presence of the Celts on this territory dotted with megaliths and other recently-discovered treasures.
Now restored to its original appearance, the central city of Troyes achieved the status of “Town of Art and History” in 2009. It has become the beating heart of this land that sparkles with a secular legacy of artistic riches. Besides being a lively intellectual and economic hub during the Middle Ages, with Champagne Fairs and universally-known personalities like Rachi, Bernard de Clairvaux, Hugues de Payns or Christian of Troyes, this land of Champagne has known other golden ages, like the wonderful 16th century and, more recently, the industrious era when its knitwear brands made it famous across the world. Unfortunately, there followed a period of decline, exacerbated by a kind of lethargy created, as in many other regions, by the terrible conflicts of the 20th century.

But that time has well and truly passed and, thanks to a wealth of humanity and heritage, Troyes La Champagne has rediscovered its sources and made a resounding return. This richly illustrated magazine calls upon highly reliable sources to tell you the story behind the transformation.
With this edition, the sole aim of “Troyes La Champagne Tourisme”, supported by our ambassadors, is to be a humble yet zealous intermediary to help meet your expectations and fulfil your dreams of Troyes, the city with the champagne heart and a secret, but oh-so-fascinating reality.